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Factory-tested spare parts
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251713117G.JPG VW T3 vanagon automatic shifter cover black
VW T3 vanagon with automatic transmission: shifter cover / housing in black
€75.01 *
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251711107DG.JPG VW T3 vanagon WBX shifter box 4 speed & Syncro
VW T3 vanagon WBX shifter box 4 speed and Syncro - reconditioned
€79.00 *
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321863215AG01C.JPG VW T3 automatic inner shifter cover, black
VW T3 Vanagon automatic: inner shifter cover black - genuine used
€35.00 *
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251711176.JPG VW t3 vanagon shifter alignment
VW T3 Vanagon: alignment block in the shifter box ( 4 - speed & Syncro )
€23.50 *
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251711575BG.JPG VW T3 Vanagon shift rod connection - used
VW T3 Vanagon 01/83 onwards: Connection flange for the shiftrod - excellent used condition
€29.50 *
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251711246A.JPG VW T3 Vanagon locking bolt 5 speed shifter
VW T3 vanagon: locking bolt for reverse gear in the five speed shifter - genuine VW
€11.50 *
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251711199.JPG VW T3 Vanagon bolt for shift rod / shifter...
VW T3 Vanagon: connection bolt shifter to shift rod - 5 speed only
€7.50 *
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251711242A.JPG VW T3 Vanagon locking cap for 5 speed shifter
VW T3 Vanagon: locking cap for 5 speed shifter reverse gear locking bolt
€6.50 *
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251711117S.JPG VW T3 vanagon shifter guide blocks 5 speed
VW Bus T3 with 5 speed shifter: 1 set of guide blocks for the shifter
€12.00 *
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251711155S.JPG VW T3 Vanagon: 1 set of shift rods guides
VW Bus T3 1983 models and later: front shift rod guide blocks ( 4 pseed & syncro )
€12.00 *
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251711107EG.JPG VW Vanagon T3 5 speed shifter box TD
VW Vanagon T3 TD: 5 speed shifter box - refurbished
€159.00 *
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251711247A.JPG VW T3 Vanagon 5 Speed: spring for locking bolt
VW T3 Vanagon with manual 5 speed transmission: spring for shifter locking bolt ( reverse gear )
€5.90 *
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