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251711191G.JPG Bus Vanagon Syncro shift rod flange
T3 Vanagon Syncro linkage bushing flange ( to hold shift rod protection tube )
€19.50 *
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251711121EG.JPG Shifter Bus Vanagon 4 Speed and Syncro
Bus Vanagon Shifter 4 Speed and Syncro, good used condition Note: you might want to replace the shifter bushing kit as well, we highly recommend this while you do the work. Think also of the shift rod bushings !
€79.00 *
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251798116AR.JPG Gear shifter repair kit Bus Vanagon
Bus Vanagon shifter bushing set for 4 and 5 speed. The Set is perfect to rebuild loose shifters.
€49.50 *
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251798101S.JPG Shift rod bushing set for Bus Vanagon 4 speed /...
Shift rod bushing set for all Vanagons with 4 speed transmission or for Bus Syncros. Contains all bushings and boots for the shift rod and the lower section of the shifter.
€74.50 *
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253711120.JPG Sifter boot frame Bus Vanagon
Sifter boot frame for Bus Vanagon.
€9.50 *
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251711207D.JPG Bushing for shift rod front Bus Vanagon
Shift rod bushing front from 07/82 - 07/92 and rear up to 07/87
€9.50 *
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251711221F.JPG Gear lever all Bus Vanagon from 07/82 onwards
Gear lever at transmission for all Bus Vanagon from 07/82 onwards.
€29.50 *
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251711973A.JPG Shift rod end linkage Bus Vanagon Diesel
Shoft rod end linkage back for all Bus Vanagon Diesel and Turbodiesel
€45.00 *
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251711167F.JPG Boot for shift rod rear Bus Vanagon from 07/87...
Shift rod boot Bus Vanagon rear from 07/87 onwards.
€12.82 *
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251711207E.JPG Bushing for rear shift rod Bus Vanagon 07/87...
Shift rod bushing Bus Vanagon rear from 07/87 onwards.
€9.00 *
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