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Factory-tested spare parts
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T3 Vanagon light switch
T3 Vanagon light switch with dim dip - comes with extra terminal for UK city light - but will of course fit any other pre 1990 vanagon - genuine VW
€29.24 *
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Heater switch rear whindow T3 Vanagon
Heater switch for the rear window, fits all T3 Vanagon, used.
€19.01 *
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Rear fog light switch T3 Vanagon
Fog light switch rear for all T3 Vanagon, used.
€29.50 *
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Warning lamp handbrake and ABS T3 Vanagon
T3 Vanagon Warning lamp for Handbrake and ABS, used.
€19.01 *
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Warning lamp handbrake USA T3 Vanagon
Warning lamp for Handbrake, USA Version, used.
€24.37 *
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Warning lamp handbrake T3 Vanagon
Warning lamp for Handbrake, used.
€9.26 *
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T3 Vanagon Wiper motor for rear hatch - used
Rear wiper motor assembly - complete with wiper shaft and rods - tested - fits any T3 Bus
€174.49 *
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Coverplate for Bus Vanagon rear fan switch black
Cover for T3 Vanagon fan switch in black ( colourcode 01C ) used
€14.62 *
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Knob for Bus Vanagon fan switch black
Knob for fan switch in black, fits all T3 Vanagon used
€8.77 *
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T3 Vanagon turnsignal switch w/ cruise control
For T3 Vangon: turnsignal switch with cruise control function - originally a Golf 2 part, that can be with slight modifiction to the upper steering column cover installed in a Vanagon
€242.72 *
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T3 Vanagon Diesel alternator 65 amps
T3 Vanagon 90 amps generator for all Diesel engines from 8/83 onwards. These alternators are sold on exchange base - so please note that a core deposit of 50.-EUR will be charged. If you send us your old unit in front - no core deposit...
€193.98 *
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