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Shifter boot black for Bus Vanagon Tristar WBX
Shifter boot black leatherette to be found only in TRISTAR doublecabs, but will fit any Bus Vanagon with manual shifter and flat frame tunnel ( WBX ) except for those with the airtunnel between the front seats.
€38.50 *
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Sifter boot frame Bus Vanagon
Sifter boot frame for Bus Vanagon.
€9.26 *
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Bushing for shift rod front Bus Vanagon
Shift rod bushing front from 07/82 - 07/92 and rear up to 07/87
€9.26 *
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Gear lever all Bus Vanagon from 07/82 onwards
Gear lever at transmission for all Bus Vanagon from 07/82 onwards.
€28.76 *
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Shift rod end linkage Bus Vanagon Diesel
Shoft rod end linkage back for all Bus Vanagon Diesel and Turbodiesel
€43.87 *
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Boot for shift rod rear Bus Vanagon from 07/87...
Shift rod boot Bus Vanagon rear from 07/87 onwards.
€9.26 *
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Shift rod boot Bus Vanagon from 07/82 onwards
Rubber boot for shift rod pod to keep out dust and dirt. Fits all Bus Vanagon from 07/82 and later.
€10.24 *
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Shifter knob Bus Vanagon 5 Speed
Shifter knob 5 Speed used
€14.62 *
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Bushing for rear shift rod Bus Vanagon 07/87...
Shift rod bushing Bus Vanagon rear from 07/87 onwards.
€8.77 *
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Reverse lock shifter boot Bus Vanagon
Boot for reverse lock on shifter 5 Speed only
€13.65 *
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