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245827573.JPG VW T3 pick uptrucks: lock cylinder engine lid...
VW T3 pick up: locking cilynder w/ two keys for the engine lid - genuine VW NOS
€49.00 *
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251837249.JPG VW T3 door check strap - NOS
VW T3 vanagon door check strap / check rod - fits all Vanagons NOS
€49.00 *
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25183735501C.JPG Door pin guide bushing T3
Door pin guide bushing for front doors or Doka rear doors - genuine
€3.50 *
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211837295D.JPG Striker plate fo rT3 treasure door lock
T3 pickup striker plate for treasure door lock - fits left and right - genuine
€39.50 *
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251837219A.JPG Key blank profile "N" - genuine VW
Key blank code N - genuine VW
€23.50 *
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245829561G.JPG Lock for cargo door, all T3 pick up - used
T3 pickup cargo door lock - fits left or right - rekeyed with two keys
€119.00 *
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251837205.JPG Doorhandle outer left or right all T3 - genuine
T3 outer door handle - fits left or right - genuine VW NOS Note: key profile i code N and it is possible to match your ignition key to this handle as far as your key has the same profile
€99.00 *
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