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Factory-tested spare parts
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251611021C.JPG Brake master cylinder T3 Vanagon
Brake master cylinder with three prong brake light terminal housings, fits all T3 Vanagon without ABS
€139.50 *
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281609802BG.JPG T3 brake adjust bar right
T3 Vanagon brake shoe adjusting bar left / new zinked
€29.00 *
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281609801BG.JPG T3 brake adjust bar left
T3 Vanagon brake shoe adjusting bar left / new zinked
€29.00 *
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251609426DG.JPG Backing platel rear right Bus Vanagon
Brake backing plate rear right, fits for all Vanagon except Syncro 16 inch. These are reconditioned used original ones ( from dry desert climate ). We decided to so, as the repro ones do not match our quality standard.
€49.51 *
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291611767.JPG Holder for Brake line Bus T3
Holder for the rear Brake line on the wishbone
€2.00 *
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251698000S.JPG 1 set of rear brake shoes Bus Vanagon
1 set of rear brake shoes for all Bus Vanagon except Syncro 16 inch - will be ok for one car ( left and right side )
€47.50 *
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251698545.JPG Brake shoe fitting kit rear Bus Vanagon
Brakeshoe fitting kit for both sides, fits all Vanagon busses. Not for Syncro 16 inch.
€16.90 *
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251611775BR.JPG Brake hose Bus Vanagon front from 06/86 onwards
Brake hose front for Bus Vanagon from 06/86 onwards.
€15.50 *
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251407615J.JPG 1 set of front brake discs for Bus Vanagon...
1 set of front brake discs for Bus Vanagon Syncro 16 inch 280mm Made in germany
€195.00 *
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251698151F.JPG Brakepads Bus Vanagon 06/86 and later
1 Set Brakepads Bus Vanagon 06/86 and later
€45.51 *
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251615123D.JPG Brake calipper left Bus Vanagon from 06/86...
Brake calipper left from 06/86 Girling fits Syncro all years Note: There is a core deposit of 30.- EUR on top of the purchase price which will be refunded, when we receive your old calipper in return.
€95.00 *
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